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Identity politics and the hotly contested race for Chinatown’s vote in District One

A little-known election rule has allowed Christopher Marte, 28, to fight on as a third-party candidate for Lower Manhattan’s District One City Council seat, and he has set his campaigning sights on Margaret Chin’s electoral base in Chinatown.

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Manhattan’s Tenement Museum remembers Chinatown’s Garment Factory Past

For the first time, an exhibit at the Tenement Museum, Under One Roof, will show visitors scenes from the lives of Chinese workers, illuminating a history that many current residents of Manhattan’s Chinatown still remember.  

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Spanish Restaurant Mogul Bids Farewell to 14th Street

One of New York City’s oldest restaurants, La Nacional, closes next month — then reopens in the spring under the new, nonprofit management of the Spanish Benevolent Society.

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Embracing English in a Russian haven

Once a week, several Brighton Beach residents gather to practice a neighborhood rarity: English.

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Indian curry, made by Bangladeshi hands

Most Mid-range Indian restaurants in New York city, have a Bangladeshi touch to it

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The Renegade Boy Scouts of Washington Heights

Boy Scout Troop 729 thrives in Washington Heights.

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Unable to Work, Indian Immigrant Women Feel Trapped by H4 Visas

Legal Indian immigrant women, and holders of the H4 visa, speak out about the visa restrictions they’re facing, starting from their ineligibility to apply for jobs to obtaining a driver’s license. Many are eagerly awaiting Obama’s delayed immigration policies.

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One City, Many Cultures

Global City NYC reporters explore religious, culinary and cultural traditions in the city’s ethnic neighborhoods — with a couple of side trips abroad, to Haiti and India.

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Coming To America

New York City is an ethnic mosaic, the adopted home to newcomers from around the world. Global City NYC reporters tell the stories of how a few of these New Yorkers immigrated to America.

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Sandy blasts Tri-State Area

At the Colombian Consulate

Trying to keep worried families connected during the storm and after.

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