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New hat business continues trend of community representation

Young Dominicans in Upper Manhattan are making and buying hats that show “uptown pride.”

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Straight talk about curls and corporate culture

Long, thick, curly hair can hold back Dominican women in offices where “professional” means straight hair.

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Dominican Wine Bar Brings Community Together

In Corcho Wine Room, Benlly Polanco hoped to create a place where people from his mainly Dominican neighborhood in Inwood could enjoy wine, food, art, music and a nice conversation, and could “feel at home.”

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Former Assemblywoman Rosa Starts One-Year Sentence Next Month

Last week’s sentencing of former New York State Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa for marriage and bankruptcy fraud was a final chapter in a short political career. But Rosa’s sentence – a year in prison, three years of probation and repayment of $20,000 owed to creditors – has not ended the scandal’s fallout among uptown politicians and the largely Dominican constituency in Washington Heights and Inwood that Rosa represented.

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Guillermo Linares: On the Comeback Trail

In reclaiming the New York Assembly seat he vacated two years ago, Guillermo Linares is hoping to also reclaim the trust of Dominicans in his Upper Manhattan district.

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A Comic in the Community Board

Mike “Juan Bago” Diaz has been bringing together his Washington Heights community with laughter and good times for years — and he brings this same comedic spirit to Manhattan’s Community Board 12.

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Austerity in the Caribbean

Austerity measures set to take place next month in their home country have brought some of New York’s Dominican community out to protest and call for an end to government “corruption.”

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Deli Worker’s Death Inspires Community Activism

Protesters have poured onto the streets of the South Bronx at least three times demanding justice for Cuevas’ death.

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