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Proposed Hotel Divides Local Leaders and Community in Little Bangladesh

A proposed hotel in Little Bangladesh is dividing a community already at odds over the narrow strip, where long-time Jackson Heights residents live alongside South Asian immigrants.

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Haitians fight to extend their temporary legal status among larger DACA talk

Thousands of Haitians are fearing mass deportation to Haiti as the deadline for Trump to extend their TPS status inches nearer – and activists say the dominating conversation over DACA isn’t helping.

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Identity politics and the hotly contested race for Chinatown’s vote in District One

A little-known election rule has allowed Christopher Marte, 28, to fight on as a third-party candidate for Lower Manhattan’s District One City Council seat, and he has set his campaigning sights on Margaret Chin’s electoral base in Chinatown.

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Manhattan’s Tenement Museum remembers Chinatown’s Garment Factory Past

For the first time, an exhibit at the Tenement Museum, Under One Roof, will show visitors scenes from the lives of Chinese workers, illuminating a history that many current residents of Manhattan’s Chinatown still remember.  

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Amid financial uncertainty, Haitian radio staple fights on in Brooklyn

Online competition and a flood of pirate stations are threatening a once-thriving Haitian radio station in Flatbush.

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Bay Watch: A city beach for Washington Heights?

In the ultimate urban landscape that is New York City, you might not expect to find beaches. But they are there, on the waterfront borders of every city borough – except Manhattan.

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Amtrak backs off rent hikes for yards under Hell Gate Bridge

After 70 years, the federal government told the Paratores the rent on their yard was going up — way up.

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Move over, France; Korean skin care moves into U.S. markets

At the Macy’s store in Queens, the latest cosmetic arrival is the small Peach & Lily shop. Every product here comes from Korea, the world’s fastest-growing beauty marketer.

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Colombians Want a Woman at the UN

Colombia’s female ambassador to the UN is pushing for the international body to elect its first-ever woman Secretary General next year. But it wouldn’t be a female from Colombia.

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A new political era in Burma beckons those in the New York diaspora

Burmese exiles long for home, but some will wait awhile before deciding when to go.

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