One City, Many Cultures


Global City NYC reporters explore religious, culinary and cultural traditions in the city’s ethnic neighborhoods.

By Charmaine Nero
Yole Beauty Salon features fast, inexpensive hair care, catering to the Haitian immigrant community.

By Lydia Hu
Grupo Quisqueyano, led by Domincan and Latino students from Barnard and Columbia University, celebrated the holidays while wrestling with the meaning of being Latino.

By Pola Lem
Inside the Catholic services of the Polish congregation at St. Joseph’s Church.

By Anjuli Sastry
Anjuli Sastry recalls childhood experiences after celebrating Diwali on the Columbia University campus.

By Shloka Kini
Diwali is one of the biggest holidays in Indian culture. It’s rooted in Hindu religion but it’s full of festive music, dancing and food. Shloka Kini went in search of all that at a Diwali celebration last month.

By Nyasha Kadandara
The Ashanti community in New York gather to celebrate the last Akwasidae festival in the Bronx, New York.

By Maya Albanese
Every Sunday, Tibetan Buddhists gather to practice their faith at the Palyul Dharma Center in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Maya Albanese takes us inside this meditative oasis to experience the morning ritual of chanting and sound, which is so hidden from the chaos of the New York City street below.

By Tatyana Ilienko-Chung
Banya is not only a Russian tradition but also an unique experience. The banya in NYC goes beyond and offers an ancient Russian treatment – platza. Tatyana Ilienko-Chung tried it on herself.


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