Coming to America


New York City is an ethnic mosaic, the adopted home to newcomers from around the world. Global City NYC reporters tell the stories of how a few of these New Yorkers immigrated to America.

By Lydia Hu
For years, Puerto Ricans were the largest Latino national group living in New York City. But a recent study by the City University of New York shows that a surge of Dominican immigration has made that nationality the city’s largest group of Latino newcomers. Reporter Lydia Hu talks with a young Dominican man about his story of immigration and why he wants to become an American citizen.

By Nyasha Kadandara
West African dance is full of twisting hips, shuffling, leaps and hand gestures to the beat of the drum. If you want to learn the moves – or just burn some calories, Yah’yah Kamate can help.

By Anjuli Sastry
Some immigrants travel to America for a better life, an opportunity to chase the iconic American dream. Others are just pursuing the next adventure. They’re unsure of what comes next. Anjuli Sastry tells us the story of one self-proclaimed rebel who left India for the U.S. and ended up leaving a legacy with his American students.

By Bianca Hock
Aurelia Fernandez immigrated from Mexico to Yonkers, New York in the 1980s. She takes us back to her journey coming to America, sharing her fears, her story and why she left the homeland she loved.

By Charmaine Nero
Vladimey Pierre Louis came to America when he was 5. He’s overcome many obstacles along the way.

By Pola Lem
Edmund Reiter is 83. He grew up in a small town in Eastern Poland that was engulfed by World War II. He’s lived in Manhattan for the last six decades, but calls himself a citizen of the world. Pola Lem asks Reiter how he wound up here.

By Shloka Kini
In New York City, the cheapest and quickest way to experience world cuisine is to sample from the hundreds of ethnic food carts that line every neighborhood. The stories behind the carts are as diverse as the foods they serve. Shloka Kini tells us one of those tales.

By Maya Albanese
Fifteen years ago, a successful, young dancer from Nepal arrived in Queens, New York, full of enthusiasm and ready to start a new career. And for a while, she lived the American dream – but only for a while. Maya Albanese explains the heartfelt story of Binita Poudyal.

By Tatyana Ilienko-Chung
Russian immigrant Lev Trakhtenberg has a book coming out next year about his life behind the bars of the America’s largest prison.Tatyana Ilienko-Chung spoke with Trakhtenberg.


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