New York City’s Marathon


By Soraya Auer

Good food and marathon running are the twin passions of Hungarian Andras Jokuti. Soraya Auer spoke with him when he came to New York this month to run — and eat — his way across the city.

By Maya Albanese

Forty percent of the runners in this year’s New York City marathon were women. They came from 150 countries — some well known for strong female marathoners, and some, like Nepal, just beginning to win an international reputation.

By Shloka Kini

Quick: who’s the title sponsor for the New York Marathon? Foot Locker? Gatorade? Those seem like good guesses. But in fact this year’s race was officially the TCS New York City marathon. So – what is TCS? Shloka Kini explains.

By Anjuli Sastry

Many marathon runners race for more than the thrill of competition. Some use their run to fundraise for favorite causes. For others, it’s an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Anjuli Sastry met one runner who used this month’s New York City marathon for a very different cause: to fight discrimination against his Sikh religion.

By Nicole Ellis

Jamaican runners are world famous — but not as long distance athletes. At the New York City marathon this month, Nicole Ellis met a marathoner who calls himself “un-Jamaican.”

By Pola Lem

New York City’s 50,000 marathoners need support throughout their 26-mile run each November, and that’s where the race’s 10,000 volunteers come in. They carry barricades, field questions, and supply thirsty runners with drinks. Pola Lem joined the fluid station volunteers at mile 13 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Sunday.

By Samantha Mesa-Miles

Marathons are contests of individuals, but some runners band together in teams — for support, for fun, or for raising money. Samantha Mesa-Miles introduces us to one team — five runners who came from the poorest Native American reservation in the U.S., to run and raise money for projects back home.


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