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Fight for $15? NYC ethnic communities respond to minimum wage proposal

The proposal to raise minimum wage for all New York workers drew mixed reaction from workers and employers.

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Dominican Wine Bar Brings Community Together

In Corcho Wine Room, Benlly Polanco hoped to create a place where people from his mainly Dominican neighborhood in Inwood could enjoy wine, food, art, music and a nice conversation, and could “feel at home.”

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Park Hill, Staten Island Storefront

Liberian Business Development Slow in Immigrant Community

Staten Island is home to the largest population of Liberians outside of Liberia itself, but it’s rare to find Liberian owners among the borough’s storefronts.

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Andrew Morris in Sam's Caribbean Market Place

In Savings Pools, Every Little Bit Helps

Caribbean immigrants pool their money in susu funds, using an old tradition to start new businesses or buy a car without getting a bank loan.

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Hurricane Sandy Devastates Sheepshead Bay Business Owners

Small businesses run by immigrants from the former Soviet Union are struggling to get back on their feet in Sandy’s aftermath.

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