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Proposed Hotel Divides Local Leaders and Community in Little Bangladesh

A proposed hotel in Little Bangladesh is dividing a community already at odds over the narrow strip, where long-time Jackson Heights residents live alongside South Asian immigrants.

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Manhattan’s Tenement Museum remembers Chinatown’s Garment Factory Past

For the first time, an exhibit at the Tenement Museum, Under One Roof, will show visitors scenes from the lives of Chinese workers, illuminating a history that many current residents of Manhattan’s Chinatown still remember.  

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The Untold Stories of Early Chinese Americans

Chinese American: Exclusion and Inclusion, an exhibit that opened at the New York History Society this week, explores the Chinese American saga as a key part of American history.

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You Say Malcolm X Blvd., They Say Lenox

Many West African immigrants choose not to call Harlem’s streets by their official commemorative names, even though their old names are not on any street signs.

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Park Hill, Staten Island Storefront

Liberian Business Development Slow in Immigrant Community

Staten Island is home to the largest population of Liberians outside of Liberia itself, but it’s rare to find Liberian owners among the borough’s storefronts.

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