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Closed Broad St station

The View From Wall Street

Survival in downtown Manhattan’s power-starved streets can mean foraging for pizza and looking for friends with electric outlets to recharge cellphones.

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The View From Flatbush’s Little Pakistan

No major destruction, but no food deliveries, either. Among the shortages: special vegetables flown in from South Asia.

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Newstand during Sandy

The View From Manhattan Newsstands

Manhattan’s newsstands belong to South Asians, and this week the Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who run them are struggling to stay afloat, financially, in Hurricane Sandy’s wake.

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Broken Trees and Broken Homes in Greek Astoria

A tree falls in Astoria. Lives are spared, but “Everything is broken,” says the Greek woman whose house lay in the tree’s path.

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The Post-Sandy View From Greenpoint

After the hurricane, business as usual-almost.

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Without Power, and Feeling Powerless

Rescuing one of Hurricane Sandy’s many four-wheeled victims on the Lower East Side.

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Fall tree on Volvo

The Post-Sandy View From Astoria

Hurricane Sandy uproots trees, floods a few basements and bashes a Volvo, but overall doesn’t leave much of a mark on Queens neighborhood.

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