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Groups Demand Migrant Rights at Climate March

At last month’s climate march, immigrant community groups used the huge rally to promote a lesser-known climate cause – the push for formal acknowledgement that environmental issues are a major factor in migration.

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As City ID Rollout Nears, Questions Remain

City lawmakers and local nonprofits are working together to hammer out the details of the city ID program, scheduled to roll out in January 2015.

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Councilman Helps Recruit for Driving Jobs in the Bronx

On an overcast Wednesday morning, down the street from the Gun Hill housing projects, Councilman Andy King was offering something very different from his neighbors, the check cashing store and the pawn shop – he was offering jobs.

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Residents put in their two cents at a participatory budgeting meeting

Putting Your Two Cents into the Budget

In the second year of participatory budgeting, New Yorkers in several communities get to vote on spending city money.

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