Global City NYC is a website covering immigrant and ethnic communities in New York City’s five boroughs. The staff is composed of reporters from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, who, for the first half of Fall 2015, are:


Stephan Bisaha (CJS MS '16)

Stephan Bisaha (CJS MS ’16)

Stephan Bisaha is a data reporter covering the Russian community in New York City. Before joining GlobalCity NYC he was an adjunct professor at William Paterson University and the assistant general manager at WP88.7FM, named the best college radio station in New Jersey.





Zack Bu (CJS MS '16)

Zack Bu (CJS MS ’16)

Zack Bu is a data journalist covering the Chinese community in the Flushing area. Before joining the league of GlobalCity NYC, Zack obtained his master’s degree in Public Affairs from Brown University.


Joelle Dahm (CJS MS '16)

Joelle Dahm (CJS MS ’16)

Joelle Dahm is a data journalist covering the Haitian community in New York City. Before starting her journalism degree at Columbia and joining GlobalCity NYC, she obtained a BA in environmental studies at McGill University in Montreal.

Christopher Huffaker (CJS MS '16)

Christopher Huffaker (CJS MS ’16)

Christopher Huffaker is a data journalist covering the Haitian community in New York. He came to GlobalCity NYC straight from Williams College, where he studied math and French.







Bernat Ivancsics covers the Dominican neighborhoods in Uptown Manhattan. Before joining the data specialization team at Columbia Journalism School, Bernat obtained an MA in communications in Budapest, Hungary, and studied at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, as well as at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. Hobbies: photography, business news, tech.





Prarthana Jayaram (CJS MS '16)

Prarthana Jayaram (CJS MS ’16)

Prarthana Jayaram is a data journalist covering the Dominican community in New York. She came to GlobalCity NYC after several years as a freelance writer and editor in Philadelphia.







Jianghanhan Li (CJS MS '16)

Jianghanhan Li (CJS MS ’16)

Jianghanhan Li is an aspiring data journalist covering the West African community in New York City. Before joining GlobalCity NYC, she worked as the marketing director at China America Innovation Network in the San Francisco Bay Area.





Qinling Li (CJS MS '16)

Qinling Li (CJS MS ’16)


Qinling Li is a data journalist covering the Mexican community in New York. Before joining GlobalCity NYC, she studied journalism in both China and Australia, and worked at Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a casual graphic designer, and interned at 2ser Radio, Vibewire Youth Inc. and The South Sydney Herald.




Ji Liu (CJS MS '16)

Ji Liu (CJS MS ’16)

Ji Liu is a data journalist covering the Chinese community in New York. A lover of words and photos, she has served as a columnist for magazines and newspapers, a TV program editor, and documentary assistant.






Dien Luong (CJS MS '16)

Dien Luong (CJS MS ’16)

Dien Luong is a data journalist covering the Palestinian community in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Before coming to GlobalCity NYC, he had worked for the English-language edition of Thanh Nien newspaper, a major daily in Vietnam, for six years.






Lydia Namubiru (CJS MS '16)

Lydia Namubiru (CJS MS ’16)

Lydia Namubiru is a graduate student at Columbia Journalism School, where she is reporting on the Indian community in New York City. Before Columbia, she was a data journalism trainer, media researcher and program officer at the African Centre for Media Excellence in Uganda.





Emma Paoli (CJS MS '16)

Emma Paoli (CJS MS ’16)

Emma Paoli is a data journalist covering the West African community. She came to GlobalCity NYC after several years at the French daily newspaper Le Monde.






JP Salamanca (CJS MS '16)

JP Salamanca (CJS MS ’16)

Jean-Paul Salamanca is a data journalist at Columbia Journalism School covering the Mexican community in New York City. Before coming to GlobalCity NYC, he had worked as a reporter for six years at The Gardner News in Massachusetts, The Southampton Press in Long Island, and The Forum Newsgroup in Queens, N.Y. He was also a writer and editor at Latin, a daily website covering Latino issues across the U.S.




Sarah Salvadore (CJS MS '16)

Sarah Salvadore (CJS MS ’16)

Sarah Salvadore, a print journalist for almost a decade, has worked with The Times of India, the largest circulated English daily in India. She has written on various issues ranging from women’s safety, LGBT rights, weavers suicide, the fashion and entertainment industry to name a few. Sarah is currently pursuing an MS degree in data specialization at Columbia Journalism School.







Bushra Saikh (CJS MS '16)

Bushra Saikh (CJS MS ’16)

Bushra Shaikh is a data journalist who covers the Arab community in NYC. Before reporting for GlobalCity NYC, she worked at the Indian newspapers Sakal Times and Jagran Cityplus as a news editor. You can find her hogging on falafels and shawarmas when she isn’t reporting. Having stayed in Saudi Arabia for 18 years, she feels it is her responsibility to provide a voice for the community in this city.





Nikita Takkar (CJS MS '16)

Nikita Takkar (CJS MS ’16)

Nikita Takkar is a data reporter and is covering the Indian Community in NYC. Before reporting for GoblaCity NYC, she was working as a researcher and producer with the BBC World News in India.







Alexis Xie (CJS MS '16)

Alexis Xie (CJS MS ’16)

Alexis Xie is a data journalist covering Flushing, Queens, and is a former photo editor.








Here are the reporters for the second half of Fall 2014:

Soraya Auer

Soraya Auer is a Bangladeshi-German multimedia journalist covering social justice and international  affairs.

Twitter: @SoyaInk






Charmaine Nero


Charmaine Nero is a broadcast and multimedia journalist covering immigrant communities in New York and social policy.








Nicole Ellis is a multimedia journalist and documentary filmmaker covering social justice and international affairs.








Bianca Hock is a multimedia journalist and San Diego native covering Latino immigrant communities in New York City.






Pola Lem


Pola Lem is a multimedia and radio journalist covering immigrant communities in New York.







Lydia Hu


Lydia Hu is a lawyer and multimedia journalist covering courts and legal news.







Anjuli Sastry


Anjuli Sastry is a San Francisco native and multimedia journalist covering housing, local government issues and the Indian community in New York City.

Twitter: @anjuliks





Maya Albanese


Maya Albanese is a multimedia storyteller covering innovation and entrepreneurship in music, food, fashion, and technology.






Shloka Kini


Shloka Kini is an Indian-American computer scientist and multi-media storyteller interested in technology and the performing arts.






Samantha Miles

Samantha Mesa-Miles is a broadcast journalist covering social issues, culture, and international news.






Jamari Hysaw


Jamari Hysaw is a multimedia journalist covering the Jamaican population in New York City.

Twitter: @Jamari519






Nyasha Kadandara


Nyasha Kadandara is a multimedia journalist from Zimbabwe covering immigrant communities, social issues and culture.

Here are the reporters for the first half of Fall 2014:

Nada Badawi covers the Indian community in Queens. She was born and raised in Qatar until she left to go to college in Egypt. She received her bachelor’s degree in multimedia journalism in 2012 from The American University in Cairo. Nada worked as a reporter and photojournalist in Egypt and Qatar where she covered politics, culture and business. She was also a photography trainee at Qatar’s Al Jazeera.

Twitter: @nadabadawi

Jenna Belhumeur covers the West African community. She grew up in Orange County, California, and is a German-American dual citizen. She graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a double major in communication studies and political science. During her time in college, she interned at media outlets like CNN, MTV and Nylon Magazine. She also was involved with Model United Nations and wrote for her student newspaper, The Daily Bruin, where she received a grant to report on the student protest movement taking place in Santiago, Chile, before her senior year. After graduation, she moved to Thailand for 8 months to teach English and backpack around other countries in Southeast Asia. After Columbia, Jenna hopes to become an internationally based reporter for a major broadcast network.

Twitter: @@jenna_bel

Tyler Daniels covers the Mexican community. Before coming to Columbia, he worked at the Washington, D.C., NPR Station, WAMU 88.5, producing stories and segments for the radio programs “The Kojo Nnamdi Show” and “Metro Connection.” He also has experience in government and volunteers as an emergency medical technician on occasion. Tyler is a runner and dog lover. He went to high school in Montclair, New Jersey, and graduated cum laude from the George Washington University in 2014.

Twitter: @TyRDaniels

Azure Gilman covers the Dominican community. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and earned a B.A. in History from the University of Chicago. She has formerly worked as a research assistant for investigative journalist Wayne Barrett, and as a reporter for City & State magazine.

Twitter: @azuregilman

Jane Greaves covers the Dominican beat. She lives in New York and loves to explore new neighborhoods of the city. Jane believes it’s never too late to learn and do something meaningful for a broader audience. She comes to Columbia in a pursuit of her third graduate degree and a new professional start.

Twitter: @greavesny

Hillary Hansen covers the Jewish community in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Prior to journalism school, she had a podcast in which she covered social issues that included adoption, borderline personality disorder, anorexia and childhood discipline. She has a degree in investment finance from the University of Utah.


Wenjing Hua covers the Chinese community. She was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and recently graduated from Fudan University with a degree in journalism. Wenjing worked for her student newspaper and also interned at Hong Kong Tao Kong Pao Newspaper, Wenhui Daily and China Daily. She studied public policy and interned at Atlas Corps, a US NGO, while she was an exchange student at Georgetown University. Before she came to Columbia Journalism School, she interned at Gaotime Information Co. Ltd, which provides financial information services with research and investment terminala.

Twitter: @huawenjing

Jerry Iannelli covers the Haitian community. He was born in Philadelphia and grew up in South Jersey, where he preferred reading Rolling Stone to playing outdoors with other humans, which may explain why he does what he does. He graduated cum laude from Temple University, where his work as The Temple News’ Opinion Editor was nominated for a Mark of Excellence by the Society of Professional Journalists. He has interned as a general assignment reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where he covered both Gov. Chris Christie and New Jersey’s affordable housing market, and was a fact-checker and blogger for Philadelphia Magazine. He hopes to write narrative nonfiction in the future. When he isn’t out reporting, you can attempt to catch him on his bicycle.

Twitter: @jerryiannelli

Joyann Jeffrey covers the Haitian community. Focusing on broadcast journalism, Jeffrey graduated from Penn State University with a master in journalism and a minor in sociology. At Penn State, she interned for Center County Government and Education Access Television Network (CNET); WPSU, an affiliate radio station of PBS; and wrote for the Cultural Expressions Newsletter. Now, Jeffrey is the secretary of the Columbia Journalism Association of Black Journalists (CJABJ).


Dasha Lisitsina covers the Russian community. She was born in Moscow, but was raised in London. After graduating from Cambridge with a degree in English Literature, she worked as a film reviewer by night and a jack-of-all-trades by day. Just before coming to the Columbia Journalism School, she traveled along the Trans-Siberian Express Railway through Mongolia to China.


Madison Margolin covers the Orthodox Jewish community. She grew up in Los Angeles, and recently graduated from UC Berkeley with an interdisciplinary major in rhetoric and cognitive linguistics. Before moving to New York, Madison lived in Tel Aviv for five months, volunteering with the African refugee community and interning with an NGO that advocates for LGBTI refugees. She speaks French and knows a bit of Russian, Hebrew, and Yiddish.


Lou Marillier covers the Russian community. Born and raised in Paris, she graduated college in “languages applied to economics and law”: Russian and English. She then studied journalism for a year in Sciences-Po. She lived in Stockholm for six months, and before that in Moscow, where she is eager to return. She interned for Le Monde magazine, and Marianne, and worked for Radio France Internationale. She hopes to use her video, data and writing skills to make multimedia pieces about social issues, preferably abroad, possibly in Russia.

Twitter: @loumarillier

Nathan McDermott covers the Mexican community and regrets that his Texas High-School didn’t force students to take Spanish. Nathan was raised outside of Houston, and graduated from American University with a bachelor’s degree in international studies. After graduation, Nathan stayed in Washington ,D.C., where he first worked as a research analyst at a political opposition firm before taking a job in business development at an international charity. After his first freelance pieces were published by The American prospect and The Atlantic, he decided to pursue a career in magazine journalism with an interest in long-form stories.

Twitter: @nate_mcdermott

Gregoire Molle covers the Indian community. He was born and raised in France. He graduated from Sciences Po, a political sciences university. He has interned in Vivre FM, a local radio in Paris, and at News Assurances, an economics news website. He also got the opportunity to cohost a morning show in a community radio in Australia, where he did an exchange year. Besides journalism, Gregoire loves theater: as a hobby, he has acted for more than 10 years.

Twitter: @GregoireMolle

Natalie Schachar covers the Colombian community. She earned a B.A. in American Studies from Barnard College in 2012. She has worked as a freelance journalist in Argentina, where she wrote for publications including Americas Quarterly, Al Jazeera and Tablet Magazine.


Lisa Spear covers the Orthodox Jewish community. She grew up in Miami, graduated from Hampshire College with a degree in comparative religion, and served as a cultural fellow at the Yiddish Book Center, the largest repository of Yiddish literature in the world. After college, she covered municipal government and religion, working for two years as a staff writer for the Pascack Valley Community Life Newspaper and She has been recognized three times by the New Jersey Press Association for religion, entertainment and government reporting.

Twitter: @LisaNSpear

Amal Yamusah covers the West African community. He grew up in Englewood, New Jersey, and graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Morehouse College with a B.A. in English and minors in political science and journalism and sports. At Morehouse, he served as world and local editor of the campus newspaper, the Maroon Tiger, and was campus liaison to the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Outside of school, Yamusah covered the Atlanta Hawks, through the Atlanta Daily World, and was an editorial intern for Rolling Out magazine.

Twitter: @notoriousbi_gq