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Fight for $15? NYC ethnic communities respond to minimum wage proposal

The proposal to raise minimum wage for all New York workers drew mixed reaction from workers and employers.

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Teachers Recreate Haitian Folk Tales With a New Beat

Two high school teachers are bringing a creative twist to Haitian folk tales, setting them to full orchestration.

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New York City’s Marathon

Global City NYC reports on the global runners in New York’s marathon.

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Unable to Work, Indian Immigrant Women Feel Trapped by H4 Visas

Legal Indian immigrant women, and holders of the H4 visa, speak out about the visa restrictions they’re facing, starting from their ineligibility to apply for jobs to obtaining a driver’s license. Many are eagerly awaiting Obama’s delayed immigration policies.

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Big Sense of Stigmatization in Little Liberia

The growing fear over the deadly Ebola virus has translated to an increased sense of stigmatization among Liberians living in Staten Island’s Little Liberia community

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Former Assemblywoman Rosa Starts One-Year Sentence Next Month

Last week’s sentencing of former New York State Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa for marriage and bankruptcy fraud was a final chapter in a short political career. But Rosa’s sentence – a year in prison, three years of probation and repayment of $20,000 owed to creditors – has not ended the scandal’s fallout among uptown politicians and the largely Dominican constituency in Washington Heights and Inwood that Rosa represented.

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Khodorkovsky in New York: Promoting a New Platform for Change in Russia

Mikhail Khodorkovksy, the former oil tycoon imprisoned for a decade under President Vladimir Putin, has returned to Russia’s political scene with renewed vigor. Over the past couple of weeks, in a series of meetings and interviews in New York and Washington, Khodorkovsky has promoted a revival of Open Russia.

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Mayoral Agencies Get Low Grades on Hiring Women and Minorities

Two-thirds of New York City mayoral agencies were graded “D” or “F” for their lack of success in hiring minorities and women-owned businesses, in a report card system unveiled on Wednesday by Comptroller Scott Stringer.

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Creole, Haiti’s Mother Tongue, Brings People Back to Their Roots

Creole lessons empower the Haitian diaspora in the small Two Moon Art and House Cafe in Brooklyn by the founder of the Haitian Creole Language Institute of New York, Wynnie Lamour.

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Councilman Helps Recruit for Driving Jobs in the Bronx

On an overcast Wednesday morning, down the street from the Gun Hill housing projects, Councilman Andy King was offering something very different from his neighbors, the check cashing store and the pawn shop – he was offering jobs.

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