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Haitians fight to extend their temporary legal status among larger DACA talk

Thousands of Haitians are fearing mass deportation to Haiti as the deadline for Trump to extend their TPS status inches nearer – and activists say the dominating conversation over DACA isn’t helping.

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Bangladeshis split on the lines of free speech

Despite the continuous spate of blogger killings in Bangladesh, free speech activists in New York find themselves battling an apathetic ethnic media

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Straight talk about curls and corporate culture

Long, thick, curly hair can hold back Dominican women in offices where “professional” means straight hair.

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In a changing Harlem, West African vendors struggled to preserve business

In Harlem, some longtime West African vendors are threatened as construction encroaches on their locations.

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Jubilation as New York schools close on Muslim holiday. But what next?

The two most sacred Muslim holy days are now New York City school holidays, but activists say it is just a modest step toward further inclusion of a community facing continued suspicion in America.

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NYC taxi drivers protest against Uber

Medallion taxi owners and drivers speak out about Uber, Lyft and other ride-hailing apps.

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The Renegade Boy Scouts of Washington Heights

Boy Scout Troop 729 thrives in Washington Heights.

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Unable to Work, Indian Immigrant Women Feel Trapped by H4 Visas

Legal Indian immigrant women, and holders of the H4 visa, speak out about the visa restrictions they’re facing, starting from their ineligibility to apply for jobs to obtaining a driver’s license. Many are eagerly awaiting Obama’s delayed immigration policies.

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Big Sense of Stigmatization in Little Liberia

The growing fear over the deadly Ebola virus has translated to an increased sense of stigmatization among Liberians living in Staten Island’s Little Liberia community

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Shabbos App: Jewish World Debates Smartphone Application

A software developer is planning an app that would allow observant Jews to use their smartphones during the Sabbath. But the very concept has been met with skepticism and concern how it would get around religious prohibitions on using electricity.

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