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Can social media help fight gentrification in Astoria?

As Astoria rapidly gentrifies, a handful of locals have taken to social media to try to preserve memories – and just possibly slow the pace of change.

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Bay Watch: A city beach for Washington Heights?

In the ultimate urban landscape that is New York City, you might not expect to find beaches. But they are there, on the waterfront borders of every city borough – except Manhattan.

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In New York’s Senegalese community, savings plans are DIY

When Aissatou Ndao moved to the U.S. from Senegal in 1986, she struggled to make ends meet. Then she joined a tontine, a savings plan popular in many immigrant communities.

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Amtrak backs off rent hikes for yards under Hell Gate Bridge

After 70 years, the federal government told the Paratores the rent on their yard was going up — way up.

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One Spaniard’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Maximino “Max” Vazquez, born and raised in New York, is almost the last vestige of Little Spain, a vibrant ethnic neighborhood that once dominated a stretch of West 14th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

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A War to Enter Hunter High

On a brisk December morning, it was impossible to walk down Flushing’s Main Street without having flyers thrust at you for “cram school,” where sixth graders from many Chinese families study for entrance exams to the city’s elite public schools.

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Move over, France; Korean skin care moves into U.S. markets

At the Macy’s store in Queens, the latest cosmetic arrival is the small Peach & Lily shop. Every product here comes from Korea, the world’s fastest-growing beauty marketer.

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One City, Many Cultures

Global City NYC reporters explore religious, culinary and cultural traditions in the city’s ethnic neighborhoods. We learn flamenco, watch Chinatown’s chess wars, uncover the secrets of homemade phyllo — and more.

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New York has fewer Greeks, but one more Greek grocery

Astoria’s Greek community is shrinking, but not the appetite for Greek food. The venerable Mediterranean Foods just opened its third outlet there, in time to sell Christopsoumo, a traditional bread, for Christmas.

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Colombians Want a Woman at the UN

Colombia’s female ambassador to the UN is pushing for the international body to elect its first-ever woman Secretary General next year. But it wouldn’t be a female from Colombia.

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