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In New York’s Senegalese community, savings plans are DIY

When Aissatou Ndao moved to the U.S. from Senegal in 1986, she struggled to make ends meet. Then she joined a tontine, a savings plan popular in many immigrant communities.

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A War to Enter Hunter High

On a brisk December morning, it was impossible to walk down Flushing’s Main Street without having flyers thrust at you for “cram school,” where sixth graders from many Chinese families study for entrance exams to the city’s elite public schools.

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One City, Many Cultures

Global City NYC reporters explore religious, culinary and cultural traditions in the city’s ethnic neighborhoods. We learn flamenco, watch Chinatown’s chess wars, uncover the secrets of homemade phyllo — and more.

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New York has fewer Greeks, but one more Greek grocery

Astoria’s Greek community is shrinking, but not the appetite for Greek food. The venerable Mediterranean Foods just opened its third outlet there, in time to sell Christopsoumo, a traditional bread, for Christmas.

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Colombians Want a Woman at the UN

Colombia’s female ambassador to the UN is pushing for the international body to elect its first-ever woman Secretary General next year. But it wouldn’t be a female from Colombia.

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China changes its one-child policy, but maybe not enough to affect asylum claims

China’s one-child policy pushed some women to seek asylum in the U.S. The one-child rule was relaxed last month, but maybe not enough to affect any new asylum claims.

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Spanish Restaurant Mogul Bids Farewell to 14th Street

One of New York City’s oldest restaurants, La Nacional, closes next month — then reopens in the spring under the new, nonprofit management of the Spanish Benevolent Society.

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As city rents rise, artists flock to affordable neighborhoods for work space

For years, creative professionals have been pushed out of Manhattan by gentrification. Now, one artist and entrepreneur is providing cheaper studios in East Harlem to keep the community of Latino artists there alive and encourage the public to discover and appreciate the area’s unique art.

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Bangladeshis split on the lines of free speech

Despite the continuous spate of blogger killings in Bangladesh, free speech activists in New York find themselves battling an apathetic ethnic media

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Haitian-Americans climb up the greasy pole of politics in New York

A year after Rodneyse Bichotte became the first Haitian-American woman elected in New York state, she’s learned the sometimes delicate balancing act that’s needed to represent a diverse constituency.

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