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300,000 fewer Mexicans in U.S. in 2017, largest drop in a decade

In January, Victoria Arce boarded a plane in Los Angeles bound for Mexico. She was born there  31 years ago but has lived in the United States for more than half of her life, a country she had learned to call home. Arce’s trip was just one example of a little-noted exodus of Mexicans, including […]

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As city rents rise, artists flock to affordable neighborhoods for work space

For years, creative professionals have been pushed out of Manhattan by gentrification. Now, one artist and entrepreneur is providing cheaper studios in East Harlem to keep the community of Latino artists there alive and encourage the public to discover and appreciate the area’s unique art.

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One City, Many Cultures

Global City NYC reporters explore religious, culinary and cultural traditions in the city’s ethnic neighborhoods.

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Groups Demand Migrant Rights at Climate March

At last month’s climate march, immigrant community groups used the huge rally to promote a lesser-known climate cause – the push for formal acknowledgement that environmental issues are a major factor in migration.

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As City ID Rollout Nears, Questions Remain

City lawmakers and local nonprofits are working together to hammer out the details of the city ID program, scheduled to roll out in January 2015.

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East Harlem Prepares for Fight Against Luxury Development

Many East Harlem residents are protesting a luxury high-rise development at the site of a shopping center in their neighborhood.

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Miniature Mariachis Learn the Music of Mexico in Manhattan

At an academy in East Harlem, a veteran musician who has played at places like Carnegie Hall includes Spanish and Mexican heritage in his nightly lessons.

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Articulating Aztec

Nahuatl, the language of the ancient Aztec Empire, is disappearing as speakers die off. But it has found new voices in Brooklyn eager to keep it alive.

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Facing New Options and Realities

Young immigrants who have received temporary reprieves from deportation learn that their new status comes with new responsibilities.

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