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Interest in Contemporary Russian Literature Grows in US

One cultural consequence of the international crisis in Ukraine and the worsening of U.S.–Russian relations is that Americans are more interested in engaging with Russian culture than they have been in the last decade.

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Russian Orthodox in Brighton Beach Struggle to Keep Their Place

A Russian Orthodox Church in the predominantly Jewish area of Brighton Beach is now in dire financial straits, after years of community-building — a growth that reflects a broader turn toward Orthodoxy among both Russian citizens and immigrants.

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Khodorkovsky in New York: Promoting a New Platform for Change in Russia

Mikhail Khodorkovksy, the former oil tycoon imprisoned for a decade under President Vladimir Putin, has returned to Russia’s political scene with renewed vigor. Over the past couple of weeks, in a series of meetings and interviews in New York and Washington, Khodorkovsky has promoted a revival of Open Russia.

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Russian Comic Seeks Humor Bridge for Generation Gap

Gary Spielberg fills the gap in the market for Russian-American comedy with video series “Sh– Russian Grandmas Say.”

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